Our Community Development Worker, Don, shares what he loves about his eldest son, Jayden.

“Let me introduce you to my son, Jayden, who turned 16 on the 20th May. I chose this pic from his graduation at the end of last year because I still look a tad bigger than him. He’s all but caught up to me now. I feel small next to him. On his birthday he went to the AA and aced the learner driver test, so now he’s driving. And he’s a great driver too. He’s super smart, incredibly funny, and an all-round great guy. I like spending time with him.”

What do you like/love about your kid(s)? Perhaps this is a wee reminder to go and tell them. Our kids need to hear our praise of them, and how proud we are of them. They don’t have to be A+ students, All Blacks in the making, or have no room for more medals and awards on their shelf. Just love on them anyway. We can go through life knowing that we love our kid(s), and forget to tell them often.


Don runs Kiwi Dads, a Facebook group designed to help dads in their role as parents. It aims to provide inspiration, encouragement, information, promotion of events and activities, some fun and humour, as well as some personal reflections. 

As a Community Development Worker, Don is available to meet with dads to simply chat, support, and encourage them in their role as a dad. He’ll even shout a coffee. He’s not a professionally trained social worker, counsellor, or therapist, but what he does bring is a listening ear and a few years of experience as a parent to understand the challenges and offer any advice that may help.

If you’re a dad and would like to meet Don for a chat, contact him at 027 956 9202 or community@nht.org.nz