Sarah Tomsett joins the Neighbourhood Trust as our new Operations Manager. Sarah has the exciting and varied role of overseeing our Kai Box distribution; supporting our community members create CVs, seek employment, and improve interviewing techniques; establishing a Strength and Balance class; and working as our funding application manager.

These different facets of the job all play to Sarah’s many strengths.

“I’m very organised and I like having structure,” says Sarah. “That’s why I’m excellent at managing the Kai Box distribution and helping the process run as smoothly as possible.”

Sarah has a Graduate Diploma in HR, so has a good understanding around employment and helping applicants make their CV stand out from the crowd. She also has a degree in Psychology and has also completed Sport Science papers.

“I love sport and movement so am looking forward to helping older people stay as mobile as possible, and strengthen their bodies to help prevent serious injuries from falls,” says Sarah.

Sarah has been volunteering at Neighbourhood Trust events such as Mairehau Community Day and the Light Party for the past six years, so is familiar with the team and the value we bring to the people.

“I love how involved the Neighbourhood Trust is in the community,” says Sarah. “I love the people who work out of it – they have a real heart for helping others and seeing our neighbourhood thrive.”

Sarah also shares the Neighbourhood Trust’s passion for supporting people. “I love seeing the potential in others and I love getting alongside them, helping them become more than what they currently are,” she says. “If I can be a stepping stone, then I’d love to be one.”

Sarah is also known to be quite competitive, and into sports. “I love my rugby – LOVE IT. I’m a big Crusaders and All Blacks fan, so always at the games or watching them on TV. I like hanging out with my mates and playing board games. We actually just got a board game called Pandemic!”

If you would like to contact Sarah about any of the areas she is working in, please email her at

Sarah Tomsett - CV and job seeker support Mairehau