OSCAR Holiday Programme Summer 2020/2021

OSCAR Holiday Programme

Enrolments are open for our OSCAR Holiday Programme over the summer!

We have lots of fun activities planned, including Christmas crafts, outings, movies, games, cooking, music, sports, competitions and more! Check out our full schedule of activities here.

Our Summer 2020 / 2021 children’s holiday programmes will be held at Saint Francis of Assisi 370 Innes Road, Mairehau, from 8:00am-5:30pm.

Work and Income subsidies are available for eligible families.

Children from any Primary School can attend.

Visit the Holiday Programme page for information on costs and how to book.

OSCAR is back!

Mairehau OSCAR

The before and after school OSCAR programme is back in full swing! Everyone was very excited to reunite after the Covid-19 lockdown.

“The kids were missing being here and are very glad to be back with their friends, and having fun,” says Chelsea, who works at the OSCAR programme. “The kids were so happy to see us the first day back. They got to the meeting point under the tree with big smiles on their faces, and couldn’t wait to tell us what they had been up to while under lockdown.”

Do you have children at Mairehau Primary School or St Francis of Assisi Catholic School, and would like to know more about the OSCAR before school, after school and holiday programmes? Find out more information here.

OSCAR whanau keeps in touch by letter writing

Our OSCAR programme team really missed hanging out with their kids over the lockdown period. So they decided to continue communicating with the OSCAR families throughout this time via email, Facebook, texting and even hand written letters.

“We have been asking how they are, which has meant a lot to some of our families who are maybe single parent families, as this time can be quite stressful,” says Chelsea, who works at the OSCAR programme.

Chelsea, Amber and Roana spent some of their isolation time writing letters to the regular attendees of the before, after school and holiday programmes, and they were delighted to receive letters back from the children too.

“I have had feedback from some of the parents that the kids were over the moon to hear from us, as they miss us and being at the programme,” says Chelsea. “A few of the children have written back to us letting us know what they have been up to while in the lockdown. Some have been playing board games, some reading old comics, but a common occurrence being a lot of family bike rides!”

Thank you to our OSCAR team for continuing to care and support our community whanau, and overcoming communication challenges with creative solutions!