Job vacancy – Neighbourhood Trust Manager

Neighbourhood Trust team

We are currently on the hunt for an amazing person to become our new Trust Manager. Read the job description below and visit Seek if you’d like to apply.

  • Commitment to Christian kaupapa
  • Permanent role 32 per hours per week
  • Salary $50K plus incentive bonus

The Neighbourhood Trust (NHT) is the community arm of St Albans Baptist Church in Christchurch. Supported by the Church and by a variety of philanthropic organisations the Trust delivers services to families and whānau in the Mairehau and St Albans communities. NHT run a number of successful projects and initiatives, including The Mairehau Project, Golden Connections for senior members of our community, OSCAR, ESOL and a very busy Foodbank / distribution service.

The Manager will oversee the day to day management of the Trust, its assets and the team with a strong understanding of a culture and values that are built on a biblical understanding, therefore being a part of the church will provide insight and an ability to model the values and lead the team to do the same.

As well as the day to day operations of the Trust the key focus of this role is to provide strong and effective organisation and community leadership. To do this you will grow and develop the Trust in a managed and sustainable way where you will model culturally appropriate practice and lead the NHT team on the journey of cultural development. You will show encouragement and empower staff and ensure that those that work for the Trust are cared for and valued members of the team. Working with the Board you will set the vision for Trust and ensure the vision is maintained and responsive to community needs and within the Christian character of the Trust.

To be successful in this role you will demonstrate an understanding of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, have proven experience in management in a not for profit organisation, have strong financial and budget management skills and possess proven leadership and excellence in relationship management at varying levels and with all types of people. You will actively support the Christian ethos of the Trust as the community arm of St Albans Baptist Church.

This is a great opportunity for a passionate individual who is looking to ‘give back’ and to lead a small dedicated team working for the community and helping others.

Apply for the position here.

Northgate Community Services Trust job opportunities

Our friends at Northgate Community Services Trust have some great job opportunities going at the moment. Here are the job descriptions – 

Community Support Coordinator

Part-time, 16-20 hours per week, Monday-Friday.

Here at Northgate we believe that people flourish when they take opportunities to serve others. To help people do so, we strongly focus on their individual development. Each volunteer is unique and very important to us and as we equip and empower them, they are enabled to serve their community in ways that only they can.

Whereas the primary purpose of this role will be to support individuals and families in our community through difficult times, we don’t expect him/her to do this alone. We want to see volunteers play an important role in this process by equipping them to support others.

To be considered for this role you will therefore need to love working with people, be caring and compassionate and be passionate about the development and growth of others. You will need to be a good listener and recognise the gifts and potential in others and be able to connect with people of various age groups, social-economic backgrounds and ethnicities. As part of a team where we value each one for who they are, you will need to be willing to work collaboratively with your colleagues and other agencies to provide the best outcomes for every person you serve.

Download Full Job Description …


Trust Administrator

Part-time, 16-20 hours per week, Monday-Friday.

Northgate is a growing organisation that offers a variety of services and programmes to its community. We strongly focus on the development of our volunteers, as we believe that individuals and communities flourish when they serve others.

To make this possible, we want to develop a strong team of leaders that is able to equip and empower others to serve. As an administrator with experience in the areas like Human Resources, Health and Safety, and policy writing your role will be to ensure that as a charitable trust, the organisation remains compliant and accountable to all its stakeholders. You will also be involved in areas like funding, internal and external communication and programme administration to ensure the organisation meets all its obligations around its programmes.

Although we are looking for a self-motivated individual with a wide variety skills, you will work in a collaborative team environment where support for one another, growth and development are an important part of who we are as a team.

Download Full Job Description …