Barnett House Recovery Centre June/July events

Mental health workshops

Barnett House Recovery Centre are running some excellent free workshops over the next few months, including:

• Cam’s Unboxed Life
• Safe Storytelling
• Random Acts of Kindness Paper Craft
• Making Vision Boards with Collage
• Understanding Altered States of Reality
• Exercise for Mental Health
• Finding and Keeping a Home
• Art for Healing
• Autism Awareness
• Prayer as a Part of our Wellbeing Journeys
• Making Healthy Meals
• All in the Mind: Addictions & the Brain
• Trauma-informed Support Work
• Optimising Our Income

Barnett House Recovery Centre workshops & groups are available to everyone over 18 years of age with lived experience of emotional or mental distress, neurodivergence, altered states of reality, addiction, and/or autism, plus their whanau, supporters and those working to support them.

There is no cost to attend.

Click here for more information on workshops and how to sign up.