Parenting Week

Here at Neighbourhood Trust we are passionate about supporting families. Parenting has both it’s joys and it’s trials. With the help of parenting experts, advocates and agencies, from Christchurch and further afield, we have put together a programme of events over 10 days.

This year, Parenting Week runs from Monday, 9th September to Thursday 19th September. The programme is jam packed full of wisdom and research backed advice to give you strategies to help your family flourish and enjoy being together.

We wish to thank our funders and partners around the City and Canterbury Region for their generous support in making Parenting Week a reality. Please be aware that many venues have limited seating so make sure you book your tickets for events.

 We hope you enjoy Parenting Week and find something that will help your whanau to flourish!

Parenting Week Programme

We have a wide range of events to choose from, no matter the age of your kids, you’re sure to find something to encourage you in your parenting journey.

Our speakers are drawn from Canterbury and New Zealand, all proven and incredibly experienced in the field of child development and parenting.

Just like parenting, we can’t do Parenting Week alone. These are the folk who have supported us to make the week happen. Big thanks to all involved!

Tickets can be purchased from Dash TicketsFor free or gold coin events we ask that you register as some places have limited seating. Thanks to our funders and supporters for helping us keep costs low.