Although being a parent is one of the hardest jobs in the world – it is also one of the most rewarding.

The Neighbourhood Trust runs parenting courses to encourage families to reach their potential. It uses practical strategies and useful insights that will help your tamariki through all ages and stages of growing up. Parents and caregivers leave knowing that they are not alone on their parenting journey.

Our Parenting Toolbox courses are run over a number of weeks in small, relaxed groups, with a trained facilitator in the Shirley and Mairehau areas. They include Building Awesome Whānau (birth to teenage years); Baby and Toddler Years; Primary Years; Intermediate Years; and Teenage Years.

Other parenting activities, based at Mairehau Primary School, are part of the Mairehau Neighbourhood Project. We offer them with our partners, Te Ora Hou Otautahi and Kingdom Resources. The courses are proudly supported by The Tindall Foundation and Christchurch City Council.

Parenting WeekParenting week banner

Neighbourhood Trust also holds a Parenting Week every second year. We work with a range of different organisations from around Christchurch to put together a line-up of expert speakers and workshops that cover the many different aspects of parenting.

More than 2300 parents registered for seminars, workshops and activities at the 2017 event and our upcoming 2019 week is set to be even bigger and better! Keep an eye out for it on the Parenting Week website and Facebook page.

You can also check out our awesome KiwiDads Facebook page.

Your Child and Stress - Let's fix this Mess! Webinar Series

This webinar series was created in response to the research of Associate Professor Kathleen Liberty of University of Canterbury. Kathleen’s research into stress reactions in children and approaches parents and caregivers can use to help our tamariki through times of stress are a wonderful resource. We hope they can help you and your whanau work out a plan to deal with stressful times.

Ginny Larsen and Kim Button of Neighbourhood Trust developed the concept of creating these webinars. The webinars are based on the research of Associate Professor Kathleen Liberty, University of Canterbury, with assistance from Liz McNaughton, Te Paeroa RTLB Cluster 34, and Bree Liberty. Scripting was carried out by Vincent Konrad. Animations and production by Tom Linklater of Papanui Youth Development Trust. Presented by Dai Henwood and published by Neighbourhood Trust.

This was all made possible with support from Papanui Youth Development Trust, Christchurch City Council, Tindall Foundation, Rata Foundation, Ministry of Social Development, Canterbury Primary Principals Association, Te Paeroa RTLB, Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ.
Your Child and Stress Webinar 1 - Stress Inside and Out​

This initial video explains the kinds of stress we and our tamariki commonly face, including traumatic stress. It explains our responses to these kinds of stress and what these responses can look like.

Your Child and Stress Webinar 2 - Stress Science​

This webinar focuses on stress science and what happens to your child’s body and brain when they are stressed.  

Your Child and Stress Webinar 3 - Addressing Stress

This video shows us the 4 most common stress reactions: self-regulation, automatic reactive coping, dependent coping and withdrawing. Have a look and see what you recognise in your own kids.

Your Child and Stress - Webinar 4 - Addressing Stress​

In this, our 4th installment, we cover how to help your tamariki calm down when they show the different stress reactions we learnt about in Webinar 3. Some great suggestions here!

Your Child and Stress - Webinar 5 - Steps to Success​

This webinar shows you the steps to take to use emotional coaching to calm your child when they are feeling stressed. There are also tips for ourselves as parents and caregivers to use when we are feeling stressed!

Your Child and Stress - Webinar 6 - Top Tips

Our final webinar holds some top tips from everything we’ve learned over the last 5 webinars. It’s a great reminder of the things we can do to help our tamariki, and ourselves, cope with stress. We thank you for the support, encouragement, likes and shares you’ve given this series.

Stressed and Calm Emotion Coaching Cards

In Webinar 5, we talk about having Stressed Out cards and Calm cards to use when you are emotion coaching your tamariki. You can download and print these cards, colour them in together, and put them somewhere you can find them easily when you need them.