While a lot people have enjoyed spending more time with their families in their lockdown bubble, many people living alone, especially the elderly, have had to endure over a month of no, or limited, social contact.

We are proud of our Neighbourhood Trust Golden Connections team, led by Kim Strange, who have put a lot of time and effort into supporting our Golden members during this often lonely time.

Kim and her team of volunteers have been frequently phoning each of ‘the Goldens’ to have a chat, check up on them, and find out whether there are any needs that could be met by the Neighbourhood Trust.

“For a lot of our people, it just means so much that we would take the time to call and talk to them,” says Kim, “Some of our members don’t have family in Christchurch, or any family at all, so for those people we have been picking up and dropping off their groceries, or delivering a Neighbourhood Trust fresh produce Kai Box. One of our volunteers has even been taking one of our members to and from the hospital for appointments. The feedback we’ve had is that ‘it’s nice to know that people care about us, and that we’re not alone’.”

Thank you to our Golden Connections team and supporters for building friendships and shining the love of Jesus into the lives of some of our most vulnerable community members.

Also a big thank you to our SABC church whanau who have been donating to NHT – because of your generosity we’ve been able to bless many people with fresh fruit and vegetable parcels.