Dads are different to Mums – obviously. There’s a bond that mothers share with their children which is different to what dads have. 

Although different, dads have an important role to play in their children’s lives. Not all dads are the same either. You don’t have to fill the stereotypically ‘manly’ role of hunting/gathering/risk-taking/outdoor adventuring. However, if we want those experiences for our kids and don’t possess the skills, there are guys around who can assist with that. 

What is really important is relating well to males and females in our lives. As fathers, we need to be conscious of how we want our boys and girls to treat each other. We need to be thinking, “How am I modelling what I want my children to learn about relating to men? What example are we giving our sons and daughters that teach them how to treat other males and females?” Our example is so important.

Father’s Day Breakfast and Service

St Albans Baptist Church is hosting a Father’s Day breakfast and service on Sunday 6 September from 8:45am. 

Breakfast includes pancakes, breakfast sausages, bacon, banana, hash browns, toast, tea & coffee.

$5 each or $10 per family.

At 10am we will be having our family service, with Rowan Lyons speaking on passing down wisdom to the next generation, through exploring the book of Proverbs.

We would love to see you there!

Kiwi Dads

Kiwi Dads is a Facebook group which aims to provide resources, humour, information and ideas for events and activities which dads can do with their kids. Time is probably one of the most important resources we can give our kids – not just being around them, but giving them our undivided attention. Not all dads have had this modelled to them, so taking on the role of a father is not something that always comes naturally.

Chat with Don

Neighbourhood Trust Community Development Worker, Don is available to spend time over a coffee to chat with dads about their struggles in parenting, their dreams for themselves and their children, and to offer encouragement, support and advice. Email him at or text / call him on 027 956 9202.