What did level 4 lockdown look like for the Neighbourhood Trust?

We have been extra busy during the COVID-19 crisis! Because we have a foodbank we are considered an essential service, so we have been able to show our concern and care for our community during lockdown. We have delivered over 70 boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables to families and individuals in the community.

Our team has prioritised looking after our Golden Connections (seniors) first, as many are not allowed to leave their homes and some do not have families to bring them what they need. We have also partnered with the Kaupapa Maori health provider, Te Puawaitanga, to identify families in need and take food to them.

Our fantastic Golden Connections co-ordinator, Kim Strange, has been busy phoning our older folk and volunteers to set up a “keeping in touch” system which helps reduce the loneliness and isolation. Many of our Golden Connection whanau will have enjoyed receiving a hand written card in the mail from Roana.

We are very appreciative of the Sanderson whanau giving up their kitchen table so Ange can keep the finance and admin wheels of the Trust turning smoothly.

Don is keeping in touch with his Kiwi Dads mostly by text, and we have taken them some kai as well.

Don has also been doing his TASTE – Together-Apart Story Time Event series on Facebook, which is fun and always has a nice message.

A big thankyou to our NHT team, awesome staff and volunteers serving, even when we are locked down.