Kiwi Dads Christchurch

Kia ora Whanau, I’d like to introduce myself and explain a bit about Kiwi Dads Christchurch. 

My name is Don Benn and I’m a Community Development Worker with the Neighbourhood Trust who are based at St Albans Baptist Church. 

I have been married to my wife for almost 21 years and we are parents to three teenagers (a daughter aged 16, and two boys aged 15 & 13). Contrary to some views about teenagers, we absolutely love being around our kids and helping them face the challenges of growing up. We talk a lot, laugh a lot, and share a lot together as we negotiate the challenges of teenage years. This has not come about suddenly, but comes on the back of years of working hard to be better parents, learning from mistakes, being prepared to apologise for mistakes made, and encouraging good lines of communication with our kids. I’ve made plenty of mistakes and have had to grapple with doing parenting differently to some of the ways I was brought up with. 

Kiwi Dads Chch is a Facebook group designed to help dads in their role as parents. It aims to provide inspiration, encouragement, information, promotion of events and activities, some fun and humour, as well as some personal reflections. From time to time we may also get an event going where dads can get together for a social activity with their kids. The group is open to mums joining as well since dads are sometimes not on Facebook and their spouse or partner can feed information through. You can find the Facebook page by going to @KiwiDadsChch and you’ll see the same pic as the one in the top left corner of this page. 

As a Community Development Worker, I am available to meet with dads to simply chat, support, and encourage them in their role as a dad. I’ll even shout a coffee. I’m not a professionally trained social worker, counsellor, or therapist, but what I do bring is a listening ear and a few years of experience as a parent to understand the challenges and offer any advice that may help. 

If you’re a dad and would like to meet me for a chat, just contact me via one of the details below. 

Mobile: 027 956 9202
Postal address: P.O. Box 21 179 Edgeware, Christchurch 8143
Physical address: 64 McFaddens Road, St Albans, Christchurch.

Golden Connection

Golden Connections river trip

Golden Connection is our social programme for over 60s – and it’s the ideal place to make new friends and have some fun. Our regular activities include a walking group, half and full day tours, games afternoons, movies, meals, foot clinics and a lot of laughter!

The activities take place on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Check out our calendar of events and other information in the latest edition of The Golden Connection, our quarterly newsletter.

For bookings or more information, phone (03) 355 6522 extension 112 and leave a message. Or email



Although being a parent is one of the hardest jobs in the world – it is also one of the most rewarding.

The Neighbourhood Trust runs parenting courses to encourage families to reach their potential. It uses practical strategies and useful insights that will help your tamariki through all ages and stages of growing up. Parents and caregivers leave knowing that they are not alone on their parenting journey.

Our Parenting Toolbox courses are run over a number of weeks in small, relaxed groups, with a trained facilitator in the Shirley and Mairehau areas. They include Building Awesome Whānau (birth to teenage years); Baby and Toddler Years; Primary Years; Intermediate Years; and Teenage Years.

Other parenting activities, based at Mairehau Primary School, are part of the Mairehau Neighbourhood Project. We offer them with our partners, Te Ora Hou Otautahi and Kingdom Resources. The courses are proudly supported by The Tindall Foundation and Christchurch City Council.

You can also check out our awesome KiwiDads Facebook page.


Your Child and Stress - Let's fix this Mess! Webinar Series

This webinar series was created in response to the research of Associate Professor Kathleen Liberty of University of Canterbury. Kathleen’s research into stress reactions in children and approaches parents and caregivers can use to help our tamariki through times of stress are a wonderful resource. We hope they can help you and your whanau work out a plan to deal with stressful times.

Stressed and Calm Emotion Coaching Cards

In Webinar 5, we talk about having Stressed Out cards and Calm cards to use when you are emotion coaching your tamariki. You can download and print these cards, colour them in together, and put them somewhere you can find them easily when you need them.

Holiday Programmes

OSCAR Holiday Programme

Our school holiday programmes are a fantastic way for children to make new friends and experience a variety of different activities in a secure environment.

Upcoming children’s holiday programmes will be held at Saint Francis of Assisi 370 Innes Road, Mairehau, from 8:00am-5:30pm.

Work and Income subsidies are available for eligible families. Enrolment opens in week six of each school term. Changes may be made to bookings without charge up to one week prior to the programme starting. Please note that ALL absences will incur a full fee.

Summer Holiday Programme 2020 / 2021


Early start full day session, 8:00am – 5:30pm:   $56.00

Full day session, 8:30am – 5:30pm:   $50.00

Early start full week, 8:00am – 5:30pm:   $240.00

Full week, 8:30am – 5:30pm:   $200.00

For any enquiries, please contact:

Roana Johnstone, Children’s Programmes Coordinator:                                                                                                        M:  027 701 9382   |   P:  355 6522 ext 111   |   E:

Out of School Care

Neighbourhood Trust Out of School Care and Recreation (OSCAR) programmes provide a fun and safe environment for children before and after school hours.

These programmes are approved by Oranga Tamariki – Ministry for Vulnerable Children. Work and Income subsidies are available for families meeting the eligibility criteria. Neighbourhood Trust also runs exciting holiday programmes, which you can find out more about here.


Our before school programme is held for St Francis and Mairehau Primary pupils at St Francis, 370 Innes Rd, Mairehau.

Monday – Friday  |  7.30 – 8.30 am
$11.50 per day

Our after school programme is held at St Francis of Assisi Catholic School, 370 Innes Road.

Monday – Friday   –  3:00– 5:30 pm
$16.50 until 5.30  


Please note that both programmes are only for children attending Mairehau Primary School or St Francis of Assisi Catholic School.


For any enquiries about our  programmes, please contact:

Roana Johnstone, OSCAR Manager
M:  027 701 9382  |  P:  355 6522 ext 111   |   E: