We are excited to welcome our new children’s counsellor, Judith Keir, to the Neighbourhood Trust team this month.

Judith will be providing counselling services to children and their whānau at Mairehau Primary School, as part of the Neighbourhood Trust Mairehau Community Project.

“I am looking forward to forging the kinds of relationships which bring growth and change for people who may be struggling with life,” says Judith. “I love the Maori concept of Te Whare Tapa Wha, which understands health as comprising of the physical, the spiritual, the family, and mental dimensions. These cornerstones are equally important to maintain a stable house (whare). If any of the walls are shaky, the whole structure is put under strain.”

Originally from the UK, Judith has called Christchurch home since 2003.

She has worked in education for the past 30 years, either as a teacher or presenter, and is about to finish her Bachelor of Counselling Degree at Laidlaw College.

“I believe everyone has infinite worth,” says Judith. “It is a privilege to journey with those brave enough to share their stories of pain and distress. Together we are stronger!”

In her spare time, Judith loves reading, travelling, music, movies and family time. Currently she and her family are experiencing the highs and lows of puppy training!

Judith Keir