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Mairehau Neighbourhood Project

The Mairehau Neighbourhood Project is about making Mairehau one of the best places to raise your family - a happy, safe place for children and their whanau.

For this project, Neighbourhood Trust partners with Te Ora Hou and Kingdom Resources with support from The Tindall Foundation. The project initially is focussed around Mairehau Primary School and contributing preschools, exploring what parents and children would like to happen in the future and how we might together make this happen.

Look for further updates around this project. We are interested in what you value in Mairehau, what you'd like more of and what things could be improved. Please email your thoughts to

Did you get a chance to see the Mairehau Children's Photovoice Exhibition when it was on at Shirley Library, The Palms? Photos by children of children expressing their feelings about Mairehau. 

The mural is now in progress. Thanks to Child & Youth Friendly Christchurch & Richard "Popx" Baker. Have a look here to see and hear the story.

Pay It Forward Design Store and Community Development Project

At 49 Nancy Ave - open 10am - 4pm Mon - Fri and 11am - 3pm Saturdays.

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An emporium of high quality, Canterbury made, designer gifts and homewear runs from 49 Nancy Ave as well as a small selection of second-hand books, a children's book swap box, and pretty darn good coffee and hot chocolate/teas (only $2.50 each) are now available thanks to a grant from Rata Foundation.

Visit our Pay it Forward website or Facebook page to see some of the amazing handcrafted goods on sale.

There are now over 50 designers selling their goods through the store and contributing in a co-operative style to the running of the shop. Profits come back into community projects.

Pay It Forward comes from the saying, 'You can't pay back love, you can only pay it forward.' Pay It Forward is a community space created in Mairehau. It hosts a number of different activities that people can give into, take from and pass on to others. It is a place of life-long learning and creativity. The project will have several stages, developed as resources and funds come available.

If you are an artist or maker interested in joining this project, please fill out the Pay it Forward interest form. For other enquiries contact This initiative is supported by The Christchurch City Council, Pub Charity and Rata Foundation.

 Adult Literacy Centre of Hagley Community College

Held at The McFadden Centre, 64 McFaddens Road during Term time.

Need to pass some NCEA units to be able to continue with your education or maybe you just want to brush up on your English and/or Maths skills? This might just be what you are looking for.

The classes run on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9am - 1pm during term time. There are an average of eight people per class, with two tutors, so it is very much individual programmes. The tutors can help advise on what units are needed to be able to continue with study. And did I mention? It's FREE. The only criteria is to be over 16 years of age. It's never too late to learn. To book your place:  Ph/text: Ginny 355 6522  |  M: 027 746 5168

ALL WELCOME: Circuits Classes

Maria Kennedy leads circuits classes, with a mix of exercises to tone and give the heart a work out too. Tuesdays, 7-8pm at The McFaddens Centre cafe lounge, St Albans Baptist Church, 64 McFaddens Road during Term time. Spaces still available; just come along. $9 casual; concession cards available.


Roger Chance, who has been in the fitness industry for 15 years, leads a weekly Pilates class on Wednesday mornings, 9.30am, during Term time. So get ready, set, to get those muscles toned and learn great posture. Spaces still available for this class. Why not give it a go this year? If you have never done Pilates before, please email as we are looking to set up a beginner's class to get you started before joining the full class. 
$9 a session or buy an 8 session card for $50. 

Courses held at The McFaddens Centre, St Albans Baptist Church, 64 McFaddens Road.

Ph/text Ginny 355 6522  |  M: 027 746 5168  |  E: 

        NO exercise classes during the school holidays!


English as a Second Language

SuccessMaker is a fun, easy to use programme that with regular one hour sessions once a week, will get you on the path to success and open new doors for you. If you are a newer migrant (came to NZ within the last two years) and would like to gain more confidence in your English skills, contact us. FULL AT PRESENT, but please text or email to go on the waiting list.

Thanks to Christchurch Airport Community Fund, NZ Lotteries, Rata Foundation and The Tindall Foundation assistance this service is FREE.

 Make your Money WORK for YOU

The four week Money Matters course run by 'Kingdom Resources Trust' enables people to make their income stretch to cover bills and have something left at the end of the week. In these difficult days we all need strategies to help make what money we have work for us. For more information:
Ph/text Kim 355 6522 ext 114  |  M: 027 677 2472  |  E: 

 Divorce Care - in recess

A 13-week course designed to help you deal with the pain and issues relating to breaking up of a long-term relationship.

What participants have said: “…for me it was really good just to be able to talk to other people that have been through a divorce/separation and learning that what I was going through and feeling was normal and acceptable. I really enjoyed getting to meet new people and make some new friends in the process, also being able to talk to people who really understand what I have been going through and just to being able to talk openly and honestly in a safe and secure environment. A great time of healing and growing. It has given me a hope for the future.

For more information and course datets P:355 6522 ext 114. Thank you to St Albans Baptist Church for sponsorship of this programme.

 The Mairehau Newspaper

In 2008, NHT began a monthly newspaper targetting the people living in and around the Mairehau area. This came about from both research done by NHT in the area and the concerns of agencies that people in the locale didn't know what the area had to offer and had no sense of identity. The Mairehau's first issue was printed in February 08 and the paper is well-supported by the residents, businesses, schools and clubs in the area. Thanks to the Christchurch City Council for Community Development Funding to kick-start this initiative and to Rata Foundation for their on-going support. The Mairehau reaches over 7,500 people each month.

Articles, letters to the editor, photos and classified advertising welcome, subject to editorial guidelines. Contact The Mairehau by E: | ph/text: 355 6522 ext 113  |  M:027 222 6577 for submission guidelines or more information. The deadline for copy each month is 15th of the month, for delivery by end of the month (e.g. the July issue has a close-off date of 15th June). 

Back copies can be found under 'The Mairehau' on this website.

If you are interested in delivering the paper, we sometimes have vacancies. Each round is to about 350 homes and delivery is usually the last weekend of the month. Deliverers are paid $30 a round. If you think you'd like to go on the back-up list to deliverer when someone is away, please E:


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